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Vermont - Statewide
Explore our most recent policy briefs below.

April 2023

Home Food Production Before, During and Since Start of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Northern New England

July 2022

A 2022 Assessment of Food Security and Health Outcomes during the COVID-19 Pandemic

January 2022

Change in Food Security and Health Outcomes Since the COVID-19 Pandemic in Northern New England

November 2021

Home Food Production and Food Security Since the COVID-19 Pandemic

November 2021

Food Security and Assistance Programs in Vermont Before and During COVID-19

August 5, 2021

Food Security Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Following a Group of Vermonters During the First Year

November 2020

COVID-19 Impacts on Food Security and Systems: A Third Survey of Vermonters

August 2020

COVID-19 and Food Insecurity Impacts: A Follow Up Vermont Study Study

August 2020

Food and Job Insecurity in Vermont During COVID-19 Infographic

June 2020

Early COVID-19 Impacts on Food Retail and Restaurants: Consumer Perspectives from Vermont

June 2020

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Local Food System: Early findings from Vermont

June 2020

Food Access Through School Meals and Food Pantries During COVID-19: Early Findings from Vermont

April 2020

Employment and Food During Coronavirus

April 2020

The Impact of Coronavirus on Vermonters Experiencing Food Insecurity

April 2020

Food Access and Security During Coronavirus: A Vermont Study

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