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The National Food Access and COVID research Team (NFACT) is a collaboration of researchers across 15 states exploring the impact of COVID-19 on food access, food security and food systems. NFACT research is examining these impacts across local, state, regional and national levels and is integrating data to explore outcomes and impacts across scales. NFACT is committed to rigorous, comparative, and timely food access research during the time of COVID. We do this through collaborative, open access platforms and research that prioritizes communication to key decision-makers while building our scientific understanding of food system behaviors and policies.

NFACT is led by Dr. Meredith Niles at the University of Vermont, and governed by an executive team made up of researchers from University of Vermont, Johns Hopkins, Arizona State University and University of Arizona. In addition, NFACT collaborators are working in 17 study sites across the United States.

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