Rachel Schattman

University of Maine

Dr. Rachel Schattman is an Assistant Professor in the University of Maine School of Food and Agriculture. The overarching goal of her work is to engage in research that leads to sustainable agricultural and food systems. In pursuit of this goal, she works with specialty crop producers and agricultural advisors to identify and address production challenges, specifically through the lens of climate change adaptation. Her approach is grounded in complimentary traditions of agroecology and participatory action research (PAR).

Kate Yerxa

University of Maine

Kate Yerxa, MS, RD is an Extension Professor with the University of Maine and holds a joint appointment with Cooperative Extension and the School of Food and Agriculture. Kate is the state coordinator for the Expanded Food Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) and has experience designing and evaluating nutrition education interventions for food insecure populations in Maine and throughout the nation.

This project has received funding from University of Maine School of Food and Agriculture and the Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions.
For more information about this research, contact Rachel Schattman at rachel.schattman@maine.edu.

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